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"I have always been into intense physical activity and that with being involved in a highly physical and mentally demanding job, my immune system has always been shot. For years I would be sick with a cold that would never leave which would constantly lead to respiratory infections. I saw Belinda from Wise Deer Natural Health when I was at my worst suffering glandular fever on top of it all. She was pretty amazing. After the consultation I took her advice and assistance and within a week I was back in the gym and at work. I can truly say that my quality of life has changed, I never get sick these days and I feel like I am firing on all cylinders for once. I could not recommend Belinda more highly."



Belinda now practices at

Mullen Natural Health Centre

16 Murray Street, Hamilton NSW 2303


You can also contact Belinda directly via email:


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Mullen Natural Health Centre

Ph: 02 4961 4075