Nutritional & Herbal Medicine Consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to provide holistic treatment for your health concerns. This means taking a step back from the symptoms you are experiencing to look at the bigger picture:

Why are you getting these symptoms?


By treating the ‘why’ and not just your symptoms alone, the aim is to restore balance to your body and stop the symptoms from occurring altogether. This leads to better health in general.

We discover the ‘why’ by taking a very detailed and in-depth case history. Think of Belinda as your very own personal health detective. She will ask you questions from top to toe, inside and out, about your diet and lifestyle, your past health history, and the health history of your family. It is like piecing together a giant jigsaw puzzle of you!


Your prescribed treatment will also be detailed and in-depth, with dietary and lifestyle suggestions, including herbal and/or nutritional supplements. It will be individually tailored for you with the aim of being as manageable and achievable as possible, allowing you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can provide you with many benefits including pain relief, better range of motion in your muscles and joints, improved posture, and also relaxation. Belinda provides holistic massage therapy, as everything in the body is connected and one part has the potential to affect another. For example, if you have neck pain, it is no good just treating the neck in isolation. Think of your muscles like a spider’s web; if you were to pull on one side of the web (a tight muscle), the entire web would shift out of place as a result. The body is no different. Once you start to hold your neck in an awkward position or move it differently, there is a flow on effect to other areas of your body. Belinda believes in treating as much of the surrounding area as possible, allowing the body a better chance to recover and return to normal function.

Please note: Belinda is not an advocate of “no pain, no gain”. If you are looking for a toe-curling, bruise-inducing massage, Belinda is not the practitioner for you. Whilst she is certainly able to deliver a firm massage when needed, her approach is to relax the muscles whilst releasing them. Digging into a tight or injured muscle with excessive force only serves to tense the body up. This is counterproductive and also has the potential to inflict further injury.


Belinda now practices at

Mullen Natural Health Centre

16 Murray Street, Hamilton NSW 2303


You can also contact Belinda directly via email:


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