Tips for drinking more water: Hitting your daily target amount

I’m sure you’ve been told many times that you need to drink more water. The average 70kg adult requires 2.5L per day (more if they are sick, sweating, or pregnant), and most people don’t come close to consuming this each day.


There are 3 main reasons why most people do not reach their daily target amount. These are:

  1. They just don’t like water

  2. They get busy and forget to drink it

  3. They either lose track or just don’t pay attention to how much they have drunk each day


To calculate your own daily water requirement, simply multiply your body weight (in kilos), by 35. The answer you get represents is how many millilitres of water your body requires each day. This is your daily target amount.


Here are some tips to help you increase your water consumption and reach your daily target amount:

  • Set your day up the right way with a large glass of water (warm with the juice of half a lemon if you really want to give your liver and digestive system a kickstart), and then just pace yourself from there.

  • Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. This way you not only do you always have access to water, but you can also gauge how much you have consumed.

  • Mark lines on your water bottle at each quarter level (¼, ½, and ¾). Give yourself a time limit to drink the water down to each line (e.g. 1-2hrs) and refill your bottle as necessary until you have consumed your target amount.

  • Fill up all your water bottles or a jug for the day to measure out your target amount, and then drink from this so you can keep track of the amount.

  • Keep a chart to mark off as you drink each glass or bottle. Make sure this chart is somewhere handy, so you don’t forget to mark it off (e.g. on your fridge, next to your computer, etc.).

  • Set a regular alarm or reminder on your phone or computer to drink more water.

  • Download a water reminder app for your phone.

  • Purchase an Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder. This is a device to put onto your water bottle that will keep track of your drinking and remind you when you have gone too long without having a drink. You can find Australian stockists via a simple google search.

  • Drink a glass of water before each coffee or alcoholic beverage (as these are dehydrating).

  • Add flavours to make it taste more interesting. Slices of fresh citrus, ginger, or cucumber are fantastic. You could also try a splash of natural juice; just try to steer clear of cordials and sugary juices if you can.

  • Filter your water to improve the taste (and reduce contaminants and chemicals). Depending on where you live, the taste and palatability of tap water varies greatly!


You’ll know when you’re on track by taking note of the colour of your urine; if it is a very light shade of yellow, you’re doing great! If it is a darker shade, you need to drink more. If you wait until you are actually thirsty, it’s too late, you are already dehydrated!


It’s just a matter of forming a new habit and allowing your body to adjust to it. Before you know it, you will be consuming your target amount each day and feeling much better for it.


If you need more information or more specific help, book in for a consultation with Belinda.



Photo credit: Carly Jane on Unsplash



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